33rd Symposium on Naval Hydrodynamics, May 31 - June 5, 2020, Osaka, Japan

Invited Speakers

Keynote Address

Dr. Thomas C. Fu Head, Mission Capable, Persistent & Survivable Naval Platforms Department; Director, Advanced Naval Platforms Division, Office of Naval Research (U.S.A.) Naval Hydrodynamics Waypoints: Where we have been and where we are going Full CV

Invited Speakers

Professor Charles Meneveau Louis M. Sardella Professor, Department of Mechanical Engineering; Associate Director, Institute for Data Intensive Engineering and Science (IDIES); Professor, Department of Physics and Astronomy
Johns Hopkins University (U.S.A.)
Democratizing Access to Big Data from DNS and Application to Machine Learning Full CV
Dr. Matteo Diez Senior Research Scientist
National Research Council – Institute of Marine Engineering (CNR-INM)
Simulation-Based Design Optimization in Naval Hydrodynamics: A Research Journey (In memory of Prof. Yusuke Tahara) Full CV
Professor Karen A. Flack Professor, Mechanical Engineering Department
United States Naval Academy (U.S.A.)
Prediction of Drag for Rough Wall Boundary Layer Flows Full CV

Weinblum Memorial Lecture (2019-2020)

Professor Spyros Kinnas Hudson-Matlock Professor of Civil Engineering
Associate Director, Offshore Technology Research Center
Department of Civil, Architectural and Environmental Engineering
University of Texas at Austin (U.S.A.)
Prediction of Performance and Design of Marine Propulsors and Turbines (2019-2020 Weinblum Memorial Lecture) Full CV